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Photo of field with no crops sown
Prime agricultural land in Halsall with no crops sown for two years now!
(For different reasons, food production is being reduced!!)

Spiritualist Ministry for Times of Difficult Change

Whether our life is long or short, progression of our spirit-consciousness is what it's all about.   We survive on this earth as best we can, and we do the best we can for the future generations, but this earth life is only temporary for all of us...

"We are all spiritual beings having an earthly experience".

Reality Check

Most things in the human world are true and false mixed — in science, in education, in politics and in education. The things we actually need to survive are not taught at school, nor is the mental preparation.

Fact: the world population is bigger now than is sustainable, and some powerful people have taken it upon themselves to do something about it through the use of global scale deceptions.

Fact: Neuroscientists themselves say in their own lectures, that a population can now be thought-controlled through the use of tiny does of specific injected medications coupled with the frequencies put out by cell phone masts... Fast mobile internet has an awful price.

Fact: During the recent covid-19 world wide panic, for international travel, governments demanded that the public had booster vaccines, but any brand of vaccine was acceptable mixed with any other previous brand, yet the manufactures claimed they were all working in different ways. So this is hard evidence that the claimed covid-19 vaccine was only a cover story for what was the real purpose of rapidly giving as many people in the world as possible, these harmful experimental vaccine medications... orderly population reduction!!

Photo of cell-phone mast

Deceptions — true and false mixed

True and False are mixed in many fields today including: Science, Medicine, Media, Politics, Banking and Religion. The recent 'covid-19' propaganda lies should be a wake-up call for everyone to not fully trust what they are told, we must stop and think for ourselves. Who pays their salary? ...Who funds the projects?   When any ideology is arrogant, it blocks our spiritual consciousness!   It has been shown that real truth behind the 9/11 twin towers attack in New York, was quite different to what we were told... consider the consequences that have happened since then, with invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan on that false pretext.

As the saying goes – "If you're going to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and stick to it".

So be alert to big deceptions, true and false are often mixed.  Seek the whole truth.

Crossed Links

Those who think Independently, and actively keep out of harms way, they have a chance to survive in the short term — But to survive in the long term, we also need to group together.   So be kind to other folk.
Remote villages in central Iran
Remote villages in central Iran little touched by modern technology. Such people the world over, have a far greater chance of their communities surviving compared to technology dependent cities.   The mountains also protect!

Below is their historic man-made water irrigation tunnel system called a "Qanot".   Making underground resources is also very prudent!
Iranian traditional water irrigation called a Qanot

The Spiritualist

Modern Name, Old Profession.   All aspects of psychic and spiritual perception are going to be vital in order to survive. In the first part, separating true and false from what we are being told by governments and the media. Their capability for deception has become very expert, yet we must not overlook what is actually true.   Thereafter, we will need all our innate gifts including the psychic, if we are to survive long term.

Being Kind – Being Different

The road is difficult for all us, though in different ways. Kind words and kind deeds from other people make our path much easier to bear.   Perhaps we can survive insular society in fair-weather, but to survive in hardship, kindness is especially needed. So be kind to all, including those who do not yet comprehend what is happening, many people will have to learn the hard way, to their grief.

Our combined strength is in all our differences – different skills, different perceptions, so be kind to those who are different. Recognise their Spirit-within, regardless of difference.

'The Spirit Unites our paths, but human arrogance separates'

This comment has also been said elsewhere on this website, but is repeated again here because it is so crucial. All spiritual and religious paths have their good people, but I have not found any religion that does not have its faults. There are always those arrogant people who seek to divide people.

Now in times of difficult changes, the false will be seen to fall away while the true remains. Religious Tradition can be a great comfort provided we see it through spiritual eyes, not human arrogance. It is the Parable Story that teaches even when they are factually wrong. So see the spiritual in each other regardless of their personal beliefs. Namaste.

Whatever our gender or creed, our belief or our colour, our age or our wealth, we are all in this together... as the saying goes; 'Together We Stand, divided we fall'. Life's Circle

The Meaning of Life

Some people feel the purpose of life is to find pleasure or happiness, maybe wealth or power or sex, but all these are surface issues. When life gets really tough and shit does happen, then we look deep into what our life is all about. To quote from our trance channelling 'Prophesy': "Human earth lives are to experience individuality and the consequences following choices made, but in Spirit all life forms are parts of the whole, they are emerging expressions of the ubiquitous God-Force."

Each of us has a role to play, a destiny to live out. Only we ourselves can live our life as we are all different. It is not our earth body that survives, but our evolving spirit-consciousness. We do what we can for other Souls to also have their earth life experience... To think individually with the spiritual is missing the point!   To quote again for our spirit channelling 'Prophesy', where I had partially come out to a lighter trance; "We are all individuals and we are all connected. When our spirit-consciousness has an earth body, then it is the individual that takes precedence, but when we leave our earth body upon death, then the connected aspect takes the lead, though always we are both aspects: individual and connected. Death is only an illusion. So live your short earth lives knowing that we will all meet again, but those who caused suffering will bitterly regret."

So we have to come together and help other people as long as we are able, and as a consequence through that, we evolve our own spirit.   Where there is a 'Why', we can find the 'How'!

Abstractly, the meaning of life is 'Progression of the Spirit'.   In practise though, this cannot be achieved directly, only as a consequence of something else. Like a kind of sideways effect to the path of life. So when life gets tough, the opportunities for spiritual progression are greater.

It is said that for happiness, all we need is...

So do the best you can through the difficulties that have come, make the best of it.   ...Through our struggle, we grow internally.

Do Not Dismiss the Old Ways

Castlerigg Stone Circle in the Lake District, England
Religion has really messed up, and few there are who see it spiritually. There are two principle reasons: The rejection of the feminine wisdom which is seen as a threat to male control, and prescriptive teachings that stop people wondering and thinking for themselves.

But we do need a spiritual togetherness to survive through the times of ordeal, and properly thrive again when good times return. This may take several generations. Nobody can tell you what is right for you, each must find their own path, but this does not imply that anything goes!   Spiritual strength this is of vital importance to our inner well-being and mental tenacity to survive.   So do not dismiss the 'old ways', there is much wisdom with the ancients and their stories.

The true spiritual does not require any learning like religion does, it just needs becoming still, then perceptive. This then becomes our strength and our guide.

Thor's Hammer 'Mjollnir'

Thor's short handled hammer called Mjollnir [pronounced Mie-yoll-nir] meaning 'Lightning', and which mythologically in the Sagas, always hits and knocks out whatever it is thrown against. Mjollnir little copies are often made into silver amulets.

Obviously a bit of silver is a bit of silver, but it is what it represent to us, in this 'Thought Based' Universe!!

Ragnarok ?

What if 'Ragnarok' is a mythical account based on a real event that happened millennia ago, and will cyclically happen again in the near future? ...there is supporting evidence from other culture's myths, scientific speculation and spiritualist prophecy!   If this be true, then all our modern infrastructure will collapse and there will indeed be a great loss of life. Geological changes!   ...There were survivors last time, as we are their descendants. So there will be survivors again.   Some Hindus call these the Root Races.


Look thoughtfully at this photo of a vintage treadle (foot powered) sewing machine still in use today, and the digital camera and technology that processed the image, these are technologies 140 years apart, but is that a problem? ...or is it nice to see?

When we look at the extremes of Capitalism and the extremes of Communism, do we find a sustainable future? ...or is it something between the two with a higher purpose in life, what we really desire?

When we look at the extremes of Feminism and the extremes of Patriarchy, do we find sustainable contentment for the whole? ...or is it something balanced between that would be better.

Do not confuse fighting an evil with sustainable balance. Between the opposites, Consciousness can grow.   Our world is now getting very messed-up, so how would we wish to rebuild it?

Vintage treadle sewing machine still in use
Vintage treadle sewing machine still in use

Between the Opposites, Consciousness can Rise!

Off grid recreation in Yorkshire Dales
Off-grid recreation in Yorkshire Dales

Some Practical Tips