The Runes are an old Germanic alphabet, but they are more than just letters...   Besides each letter having a sound like English letters, they have both a traditional meaning and a mythological story.

The two Rune letters used at the top of the home page are Ansuz and Dagaz...

The traditional meaning of Ansuz is Breath, especially in regard to Odin/Woden. Its more esoteric meaning is: Wise speech, like from the old English Rune Poem:

The Mouth is the source of the word,
bringing wisdom and counsel to the wise,
hope, inspiration, and blessing to all.

The traditional meaning of Dagaz is 'Day' or Daybreak, like in the modern Norwegian 'Dag', but its more esoteric meaning is: A complete transition or a reversal.   Its shape also implies a reversal or inversion; such as night to day!

So the translation of the meaning of these two letters Ansuz and Dagaz could be said to be 'Transition by Inspired Wise Speech' — Which is appropriate for a mostly spiritually inspired website whose physics talks of a paradigm shift!   ...These letters were in actual fact given to me in Rune readings, regarding questions on the direction this website should take!

For divination purposes, we really need to make our own Rune staves carved onto pieces of wood from a fruit bearing tree. I used slices cut from a branch of a Cherry tree.   In hand carving the letters ourselves, we become much more psychically attached to the rune-set compared to just buying a perfect set of rune letters made in a factory!

For more information about Runes, look in the books mentioned on the Bibliography page under: Norse Mythology, Runes and Seidr.