Spiritual Help for the Great Change we are now to face

For anyone who is not in denial, it is clear that a 'great reset' is being pushed upon us, this is not a prophesy, it is obvious. Perhaps less obvious is that a great geological change is also beginning to happen, and is rather more than the euphemism 'climate change'. So what have the higher ones in Spirit got to say to help us through these difficult times? This is one such account offered through one spirit medium, there are others I'm sure, but what follows is the Prophesy I have to relay.

The God-Force is ubiquitous, not just for this planet, but for all the others. Not just for one region of the earth, or for one Nation, but for everywhere. Not just for the male, but for all expressions of gender, not just for humans, but all expressions of Life and Creation. Narrow expressions do not define the whole.

People's earth lives are only temporary experiences for the Spirit in the great journey that we are all upon, Religions and their subsequent distortions have introduced much wrong thinking and false conditioning in the minds of people. People have rebelled, but in doing so rejected parts that were true.

The God-Force is neither singular nor plural, but both. The God-Force is neither female nor male, it is both. What we call 'Time' is a construction, not a Base. What we call 'Space' is also a construction, not a Base. Only the God-Force is the Base, but these words themselves are only an expression of common understanding within a constructed human language, they are only 'words', not what they represent.

Great Change is initiating that has previously happened numerous times before millennia ago to other cohorts of peoples, and will happen again in the distant future. The mythological stories of the ancients from around the world are all based upon the last Great Changes that occurred, though distorted through being retold from generation to generation in diverse languages. They originate from different accounts, but all inspired by the same world events. Your quarrelling religions have no monopoly on what has happened nor what will happen. Your scientists try to prepare, but they will be overwhelmed. Human created panic actions ahead of the Great Change, are still part of the Great Change. Lies and deceptions are made by individual people, but is was society that created those individuals.

Through these times of Great Change, lifespans on earth will be shorter than was previously expected, but this is a kind of illusion. Change that occurs within a lifespan cannot be measured in 'time'. Human earth lives are to experience individuality and the consequences following choices made, but in Spirit all life forms are parts of the whole, they are emerging expressions of the ubiquitous God-Force.

There will be great winds, there will be earthquakes, the sun will get hotter, there will be tsunami, all greater in magnitude than witnessed in human memory, though this has all occurred before. There will be reversals and the unexpected will happen. Technologies will fall, though some re-purposing will ease the fall. Then it will go cold, and stay cold while the people slowly rebuild. Many generations this will take.

New accounts will emerge that become Myths again for the distant future. Progression of the Spirit is not limited to earth life experiences.

Bless you all...   —   received through JMB, copyright free


We are all individuals and we are all connected. When our spirit-consciousness has an earth body, then it is the individual that takes precedence, but when we leave our earth body upon death, then the connected aspect takes the lead, though always we are both aspects: individual and connected. Death is only an illusion. So live your short earth lives knowing that we will all meet again, but those who caused suffering will bitterly regret.

People who deny the reality of Spirit see the world very differently. There is no limit to the cruelty and arrogance that can be done by people who deny Spirit interconnectedness. This includes some of the people within religion and some of the people within science.

The human created worldwide 'reset' now being enacted, is Not disconnected from the forthcoming geological Great Change, it is a panic measure ahead of the main event. Their aim is to reduce population to have greater use of natural resources for themselves. They look from an earthly perspective that is in denial of the Spirit. But the Spirit grows by facing difficulties; making good our weaknesses and our faults.   Earth lives pass, but our Spirit-Consciousness continues.