Beyond Physics - A Paradigm Shift

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Are the Key to Understanding the World! ...both the world of Science and the world of Politics!

Construction and Management are intrinsically related, a spiritual reality!

The proof is - it all fits together like nothing has before!

Our Young People deserve better when better is known.

Written by J.M.Boardman

Presenting a consistent General Model of the Universe: At a quantum level; the atom is not physical based but 'Thought' based!   We have to look beyond physics to understand physics.   Our Young deserve better than the old establishment clinging to their vested interests and feeding our students with principles and deceptions that perpetuate conflict.   Unless voices from the fringe speak up, polarities in this world will get wider, until one day the inevitable will happen.

The Physicist's Mantra is 'Shut-up and Calculate'
This work takes the opposite opinion, that first we need to comprehend the nature of Reality in holistic philosophical terms, then build up our specific sciences to fit within the greater whole.   Gender Balance is the Key, but Language is the biggest problem, as it has become subliminally very masculine.

"When we cannot find something, it's where we're not looking!"

Understand Polarity and Diversity to Understand the World. Both Construction and Management are intrinsically related. So it follows that probing the mysteries of nature, we will also find the way to Peace in the World.   Time and Space are shown NOT to be the primary polarity, rather they are subjective effects!   The primary polarity is two types of abstract thought!   ...So everything constructed to a higher order has the same basic design principle resonating throughout!

The holistic science of the future and resolving conflicts become mutually entwined, because they are essentially the same at source!


By addressing the inconsistencies of orthodox theoretical physics and taking seriously selected unconventional insights, it has resulted in a complete rethink in fundamental principles wherein physics is not the base level. ...It is a Mind based Universe of Divided Motion. Time and Space are created within the Universe, not the other way round as per conventional theory. Time and Space are both types of interacting 3D fields!   ...But there is Space/Time and Time/Space, quite different! ...and each having 3 aspects to the Polarity!


By releasing the fear we hold of those who oppose us, and see Polarity objectively with all its dynamic aspects, the way to peaceful stewardship of this World without unexpected consequences becomes open to us. The description of Polarity in practice is the same as the fundamental Polarity that constructs this physical world, which is not quite the same as "equality" as "diversity" is also intrinsic! ...Conflict Resolution is showing each side their true Polarity in relation to the opposite pole, which together make a Unity.

The proof is - it all fits together like nothing has before!

Conflict Resolution can never be achieved by contemporary conventional science, nor can they achieve their aim of a single General Theory, because their type of abstract thought is of one pole only!   Polarities are Not linear opposites on a scale, but rather akin to "Length" and "Width" which together make "Area"!   ...But orthodox science's current predicament must not block those who really wish to know how it all works.   We can successfully show how to prevent human conflicts!

"Candle Makers did not invent the Electric Light Bulb!"

Step changes come from the fringe, not the centre, and often spend a long time isolated before becoming generally accepted, but people at War cannot wait for orthodox physicists to admit they are wrong!   The first use of this new science must be for Peace, not the military!

Boy Meets Girl - Polarity Example

Yin and Yang symbol The classic example of Conjugate-Polarity is Yin and Yang, the driving nature of Gender. But notice all people regardless of their outer sex, have both their 'Yin' aspect and 'Yang' aspect.   We are all 'non-binary'!

When masculine and feminine come together, one of several can things happen...
  1. They mate to create new life (at every level of consciousness, not just the biology).
  2. They disagree seeing the world differently.
  3. They do agree, but only a bland compromise.
  4. One Gender suppresses the other to the extent of making it passive and almost invisible, thereby taking the path of ultimate self destruction by being completely out of balance!
Such is the example for all Polar Opposites coming together; one of four outcomes is possible! ...Stating these potential outcomes is the prototype for successfully bringing sides together in Conflict Resolution!   Gender is the Key, or said in a different way...   Conjugate-Polarity is the Key!

When existing language is used to describe new concepts, ambiguities arise... The phrase "polar opposites" may be used to describe linear opposites on a scale - such as a bank account credit and debit, but the context herein means conjugate opposites like: "Length" and "Width", which together can generate "Area". - This in more mathematical terms is like Real numbers and Imaginary numbers being the two axes on an Argand diagram ...though we must be very careful to keep mathematics as our servant, and not make it our guide, for we will then make the general into the specific. Polarity can also be said to be the inside and the outside of a Unity. Though they are "Conjugate" opposites, they are also the Polar limits to the extent contradictory factors are held in Unity on another level!

Notice in the example above; Length and Width are both essentially the same quantity (distance), though they have orthogonal relevance. ...So too Gender!

Such (conjugate) Polarities may be for example: male and female, rich and poor, mathematics and diversity, east and west, north and south (or more specifically polar-cold and equatorial-heat), but there is also always another unique type, (or third type) of grand polarity between chaos and order.

Peace between Opposites

In relation to Peace making; notice that "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" – 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity' are all single poles - their counterpart is missing! But also notice, none of these pairs are linear opposites, but rather conjugate-polarities like Length and Width together making Area, just the same as the new science!

People are attracted to Polarisation because it appears to bring simple certainty, though when they get there they find all the problems they now have to live with! This is the training that was the deep purpose all along, the third of the three types of polarity!

Motion and Psychology

Motion itself is Reality, not matter or even motion of something, but motion itself!
The primary form of Motion is Scalar, that is magnitude only and independent of any reference point - The familiar Vector Motion of an article is a secondary subset.

Scalar Motion itself has two forms: Linear expansion (or contraction), and Curled as in Orbital Motion. Click for a web animation example of Orbital Motion.

...Scalar Linear Motion is straight but no specific direction.
...Scalar Orbital Motion is curled but no specific centre.

From these two forms of Scalar Motion, two genders of effects are born:

So now Polarity has 4 quarters, not 2 halves. Much is explained here, including why mathematical logic can only describe half of Intelligent Creation!!

Gender and God

Religion and Spiritual are very different! There is no personal god like some religious people believe; notions of a god separate to us are just misguided immature beliefs. Such religions have caused so many problems in stunting their follower's spiritual perception by framing the genderless into the single pole of male (father god).

However, the Universe does have a metaphysical Source outside Time and Space, which we could name the True God. The-God and The-Universe are one and the same thing! The God can be either Un-manifest Unity (pure thought energy), or additionally Manifest into dynamic Polarity (physical matter).

The True God is the root of all polarity, so contains in thought the whole manifest gender spectrum, and indeed all spectrums. Therefore the prerequisite of any Spiritual connection is to have both sides of our own gender present; the overt side and its subconscious conjugate. Typically, our subconscious conjugate is overt in our mate, and vice versa. ...Balance of Yin and Yang.

Paradigm Shift

Current orthodox beliefs have built a whole system of mutually supporting errors, and it is now failing us.   It is their theoretical models that are in error, not our technologies learned through experiment and experience.   As such, correction cannot be made piecemeal; we have Scientists of vested interests who dominate our Universities, and likewise Religionists of vested interests, who dominate over our media and politics, so just what are we feeding our children?   ...Our students today are society's leaders tomorrow, and they are being feed these "mutually supporting errors" because a few of our elder generation cling to their vested interests.   ...Our Young deserve better from us!   ...Better is known to humanity!!

A Paradigm Shift in consciousness level is to recognise and then balance Conjugate-Polarities like Gender; but also having awareness for Gross Deceptions — this is for Everyone, Everywhere.

Many people research their own subjects, but very few put the fragments together!

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