Physical Mediumship

Physical Mediumship is a very rare and wonderful form of Mediumship.

photo of sitting in a spiritualists cabinet to enhance the spirit energy Spiritualist's Cabinet - sometimes used to enhance the spirit energies. Notice the 'orbs'.
In Physical Mediumship, a great many different physical phenomena can happen such as; 'Materialisation' which means everyone attending the séance can actually see or sense the communicating Spirit-Body; Direct Voice can be heard from the position of the Spirit themselves rather than speaking through the Medium's voice-box; Teleports where articles just appear or move about; Matter passing through Matter; spirit automatic writing and painting of pictures; Levitation of heavy objects and other phenomena. This is all brought about by the advanced knowledge of energies and dimensions by those in the Spirit plane.

It has repeatedly been shown under tightly controlled conditions to prohibit all possibility of fraud (which there has been), that in Physical Mediumship matter can pass through matter, literally, like the links of a chain or bands can separate from each other without either link being damaged. (This is life-changing stuff!) ...Matter can be brought through time and space to enter the séance room, discarnate-people in the spirit world can temporarily materialise and be wearing their clothes! With the permission of the Spirit controlling the physical séance, melted wax has been put over a materialised hand, allowed to solidify, and the Spirit then withdrawing their hand even though the wrist is narrower than the hand. Plaster of Paris has afterwards been poured into the wax mould to make an exact replica of the materialised hand, even showing the fingerprints! However, the plaster-casts are not always full size but can be smaller where the psychic energy in the séance room was insufficient! This, coupled to the puzzle of materialized spirits wearing their clothes gives further enlightenment: it points to somehow being projections of 'thought energy' rather than just 'solidified' spirit beings! Examples of such plaster-casts are on display at the Museum of Spiritualism in The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex, UK. ...Also Spirit writing found on the inside of two slates bound together, the authenticity of which confirmed by independent external examiners. Photographic plates likewise exposed by Spirit still within the camera! These many phenomena are facts, so even if you don't believe the Spiritualist explanation, they do prove that matter is not as real and solid as one might sense!   ...They are witnessed phenomena that actually happen; quite distinct from any analysis or explanation thereof.   ...What is actually witnessed cannot be called 'pseudo-science'!

In Physical Mediumship, the Medium connects with the Spirit plane as in normal mediumship, but instead of sensing communication, or having a 'Spirit-Control' speak through the Medium while in the trance state, strong forms of natural energy supposedly from the earth build-up within the Medium, these forms of 'energy' are then used by the Spirits to construct the physical phenomena; a white misty or liquid substance which has been named 'ectoplasm' can be seen coming out of the Medium's body, especially from the nose and mouth areas. Another way the phenomenon happens is by the Spirits Controls using a form of 'Life Force Energy' (Chi Energy) taken from the sitters in the circle, rather than ectoplasm from the Medium. The differences are only subtle though.

Because Physical Mediumship is so rare, strenuous efforts are usually made to provide ideal conditions for the Séance, which traditionally means a small group of harmonious friends sitting around the Medium in total darkness and the Medium being sat within a black cabinet: Chanting, singing or background music can also improve the Séance conditions! However, other Mediums have produced Physical phenomena without the need for a totally dark room or use of a cabinet, though these aids do seem to help focus the energies.

Physical Mediumship can only happen under very exceptional circumstances; where a very rare individual - a 'Physical Medium', meets in the company of dedicated sitters who help build sufficient 'psychic energy', plus there is the essential atmosphere of Love, Spiritual-Light and Kindness.

Attending these séance meetings we go as invited guest observers; and as such we must follow the rules and conditions set out by the group Leader, which may include signing a disclaimer - as what is witnessed may indeed prove to be life-changing! While the effects are physical, they are driven by mental 'forces', including the mental-atmosphere coming off all attendees, so we must respect their conditions for attendance.   ...Validation of genuineness is most important, but must be done by means of 'non-destructive testing'; the same as with experimentation in many other disciplines where observer effects the observed!

...Scepticism is not a problem, but hostility is!

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