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Solar Stirling Developments
A configuration of solar heat collectors to power the Diaphragm Stirling Engine described on page 3. The engine has only two moving parts.

Original House
As it was before!

Proposed Extension
Proposed Design using SolidWorks 3D-CAD

House after side extension
The house with new side extension finished

Tracked Toyota Conversion
Light-weight half tracks designed to be self-contained and attached to the vehicle by the standard wheel-nuts only. This enables a vehicle to be driven on its normal road wheels, then using no more than a jack and wheel brace, the four tracks can be fitted on site! (People Centred Design). The units are constructed from 6061 aluminium alloy, and use rubber 'conveyor' belting for the track, with folded 2mm thick steel 'swamp' type, track shoes.
Tracked Toyota Conversion

Special Diaphragm Construction
Experimental construction of special diaphragms, notice that they are not concentric!
Special Diaphragm Construction

CAD model of diaphragm base torus
Computer simulation and development using the SolidWorks 3D-CAD system.
CAD modelling of diaphragm curvature

Below is shown an earlier experimental method of construction. As described on the page: 'How We Design', a number of different design options need to be created and developed somewhat. This trial used magnetic struts to hold the two rings in the correct relative position while the cord was wound.
Earlier alternative method of diaphragm construction

Wood carving by a team member
 Wood carving by a team member! 

Removable Folding Van Seat Conversion Removable Folding Van Seat Conversion
Two rows of removable folding seats for a van conversion. The seats fold into a bed (left photo), or can be folded forward to make a table with the rear seat in its forward position (right photo). Both seats can be unclipped from their floor mountings to remove, the vehicle thereby returning to its original use. (People Centred Design!).

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