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A Short Profile of the Founder

Jameela Boardman
Jameela M Boardman

Jameela grew up in a loving family living in a country cottage in rural Lancashire, England. She was heavily influenced by her charismatic Father, a handicrafts teacher and amateur scientist, he had a large workshop equipped with a lathe, circular saw, multitudes of tools, magnets, electric coils, thermometers and lenses etc! With this upbringing, Jameela was destined to become a maverick, clashing more than once with the education system which she found slow and boring! The attitude she grew up with was, 'If you don't have it: make it,  and in time this became 'If it doesn't exist: invent it!'

She left school at 16 years and thanks to her unorthodox approach, with the grand total of one GCE qualification! (Mathematics). Aspirations of an academic education were thus dispelled, so she continued her training on the practical/vocational side with an Engineering: OND, HND and finally a Post Graduate Diploma.

After several short training jobs, she secured a post as a Design Draftsman for the Howard Rotavator Company in Norfolk. Some 3 years later, feelings of the work not being of high value to people, and then, after the sudden tragic death of her younger Brother in a motorcycle crash, this all brought Jameela to quit her job in Norfolk, and travel to the Middle East to work as a Project Engineer on agricultural development. This new life had tremendous job satisfaction for her; enormous scope to exploit and develop her maverick ingenuity, and also a feeling that her work was directly helping the people there.

While she was visiting a remote village over there, the 'need' for an affordable solar powered water pump became apparent to her at first hand. This thought stayed with her, and upon return to the UK she started to study solar power technologies interspersed with her employment. From these studies grew the inventive idea of a special sort of Stirling Engine, self starting and with only two moving parts, and most importantly, appropriate for the solar power application. Two patent applications were written for the 'inventive steps' of this design; and in due course granted. With the help of a DTI Smart award, the project then became organised as a prototype development business called 'Solar Stirling Developments' .

As the scope of our work began to expand, focusing on what we do best; inventive original design with a people-centred approach, the product specific name: 'Solar Stirling Developments' became restrictive, and also with becoming internet based, the new trading name: 'Jameela Designs.co.uk' was thus conceived!

Jameela identifies as 'Third Gender', and is also a Spiritualist Medium!

...The full story with insights into the deep connections between Gender, Spirituality, Science and Creativity, please see Jameela’s new book: Jameela's Journey

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