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Animation of our novel design of machine in motion           KEY

Red = hot chambers

Blue = cold chambers

Yellow = Spider Unit

Purple = Wobble Crank

Black = Diaphragms

Experimental Solar Powered Diaphragm Stirling Engine

Stirling Engines convert heat into mechanical power. They do not use a fuel like a petrol (gasoline) or diesel engine, just a supply of heat from the outside, so they can therefore be used to extract power from solar energy, geothermal energy or even from waste energy.

Our design is special because besides the flexible diaphragms, there are only 2 moving parts and it has a rotary-wave sort of motion. The engine has zero emissions to the atmosphere, and is self starting. There are no valves and no sliding friction.

The potential applications for the development of this engine are varied; the initial concept was in driving water pumps or electric generators for the part local-build export market, but the invention could be miniaturized for medical implant applications or refined for aerospace use.   Stirling cycle engines can be reversed to work as a refrigerator when their crankshaft is turned by an outside source.   Further Details

Why Solar-Thermal?

For small scale conversion of solar energy up to about 1kw, photovoltaic solar cells are undoubtedly the most cost effective method.   However, as the area and power of the solar plant increases, the benefits of using concentrating mirrors heating solar thermo devices, becomes significant.   Reflected concentrated sunlight, (radiant heat energy), brings economies of scale that cannot be matched by PV systems.   Then of all the solar thermo energy converters available (steam turbines etc) the Stirling Engine has the highest possible thermal efficiency, approaching the theoretical maximum of the Carnot Efficiency, whilst also being the most inherently safe engine.   Our experimental engine is appropriate for development in the medium size: 1 to 100kw power range, transmission of power in most cases by electricity generation.

People Centred Inventive Design

‘People Centred Inventive Design’ is thinking empathically about all the people who will have a connection to a design, from the youngest to the oldest, it is more comprehensive than ‘User Centred Design’, as it includes all the people involved from beginning to end: from the mining of the raw materials, all the component manufacture staff, international trade, assembly, marketing, service personnel, and any environmentally affected third parties as well as the end users, what would all these people really come to appreciate in a design? It is about first thinking empathically, then finding inventive technical solutions to match that focus.

Ethical design, green environmentally friendly design, user friendly design, each combining and incorporating creative solutions, are all encompassed by this ‘focus’, but with design for business purposes, the concept: 'People Centred Inventive Design' is a much more readily accountable handle to get hold of, as it directly interfaces with marketing.   Further Details

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