Gender Balance and the Spirit of Islam

"The Mountains are my Mosque" — Langdale end, Lake District, England


Between the Opposites, Consciousness can Rise...
...So look beyond the religious texts!

Islam is among the clearest expressions of Divine Oneness, but gender imbalance within the orthodox Faith has caused a crisis of spirituality – and with all the inherent consequences!

To Think Differently...

The old religions have all discredited themselves by distortions and lack of context, yet there are Mystics within Islam even today, who see it all very differently.

So herein presented is a view of the essence of Spiritual Islam and its application in a way you have unlikely seen before!   ...You will not find any references here to previous writings by Islamic Scholars, yet no personal insult is intended to anyone.   These are new insights about Islam on another Level.   The orthodox Muslims have their gender-segregated culture and can speak for themselves, for I am not one of them.  To them their way, to me mine.

Gender-Balance is the Key...
The two Genders are Polarities of Existence – without Both there is Neither,
...So the Spiritual must be Both Genders Together!

How many people fuss about things that are not important, just making their lives busy? ...including people of religion who do not stop to question what is actually being achieved, and is this world becoming a better place by all their effort?   How many Scientists have incomplete thinking; dismissing evidence that is contrary to their theories?   Which of the establishment Religions stand up to Tyranny? Covid-19 Deception

When a computer has got itself all corrupted,
we switch it off, then switch it back on again — ditto!

I come from the North, and have my own heritage, which before Christianity was Odin, Freya, Thor, Tyr and the other names for spiritual forces.   We also have our Celtic/Gaelic heritage; viewing everything in Life as a Circle, with no separation between the spiritual and the physical, all is connected.   ...And despite all that ignorant people have hurt me personally in my many years as a Muslim, I have found that the deeply spiritual and holistic Philosophy of Islam to also be remarkable, particularly after 12 years of personal research into alternative ideas in Physics upon witnessing physical phenomena in spiritualist séances.   This correspondence just cannot happen with the Christian concept of a male God, or with their Bible.   Thus I say: We find what we seek in the Liminal; Between the Opposites... between the best of Nature-Spirituality and the best of Revealed-Religion – between the opposites, the Liminal.

The Source,  The Great Spirit,  AL-RUHRuàch neither male nor female but BOTH!

Black-Combe, Lake District
"The Mountains are my Mosque" — Black Combe, Lake District, England

I perceive four distinct levels within the Qur'an, a bit like Maslow's Pyramid of Needs...

Level One: For Bandits, Cruel Thugs and Sex Maniacs
Islam for these thugs is to 'scare the shit out of them', to get them to obey the Law. Hideous punishments are threatened purely to get these people to behave, and thereby make society safe. They are not yet ready for reasoning, they have to be scared into behaving.

Level Two: For Ordinary Law Abiding Secular Society
Islam insists upon organising welfare systems, legal rights, provision for those who are hungry or in need. Provision for those who need protection. Provision for guests and visitors. Also learning to read and write is strongly encouraged. This comes before any 'religious' activity.

Level Three: Spiritual Community
Once people have the secular basics sorted out, Islam wants to take people in the direction of the spiritual. We cannot make a person spiritual, that has to come from within, but we can take somebody in the right direction towards finding it. Note this only comes after the previous level, as Imam Ali once said: "don't expect a hungry man to have religion" ...this is a translation from the Arabic, but the English word 'religion' is a poor translation of the much more encompassing Arabic word 'Deen', which does not separate out religion from everything else of life.

Level Four: The Esoteric
There is a level beyond the ordinary spiritual community, the Sufi and Darvish recognised some of it, though they were mistaken in other instances. It is here with this higher level of Islam, that remarkable correspondence occurs to my research into alternative ideas in holistic physics!

When an orthodox religion (or organisation) rejects the people who can help it most, its end is close!  ...when the power-brokers are from the low level ones!   I was rejected because of my mixed gender, but which of the people who rejected me ever question what it is they believe?   ...So we cannot repair, we have to re-start anew and only take the Essence, like re-starting a corrupted computer.

Chapter 55 of the Qur'an; Sura Al-Rahman – consider its name, 'Al-Rahman' which translated means: The Merciful, The Gracious, The Beneficent.   ...Consider the stem or etymology of this Arabic word Al-Rahman, which comes from the root 'Rahm', meaning Womb... So we have the feminine perspective here, and it is completely and utterly different!
   "...Which is it of the favours of your Lord that you deny?"

GENDER  When we talk of people with: 'Spiritual Third Gender', 'Non-Binary Gender', 'Mixed Gender' – these are words attempting to describe a spiritual phenomenon,  Not Liberal permissiveness!   High Ethics and Family Life are essential for a healthy society.   THE SPIRIT of us all has both Genders! Therefore people can be anywhere on a spectrum!

"Religion is male, Spiritual is female – Unity is non-binary!"
Like length and width together make area, this is the true Mystical Path

When viewed in a holistic Gender-Balanced way, and with its distinct levels, the Spirit of Islam has some profound wisdom and example for our society, though the Muslim world today seems to have lost what they once had – like the proverbial donkeys carrying books – and no insult to donkeys intended.

However, we cannot take something from the past which addressed a different culture and apply it to our own search for Spiritual and Holistic harmony with the planet as it is now, but what this research proposes is a most interesting reference Guide.

"We have to move away, before we can return with clearer sight"

People in the Religion,  or Religion in the People ?


People who follow a Religion accepting its rules, thereby make themselves separate from other people (believers and non-believers). They restrict their perceptions of what is beyond.   In making Religion the framework they live their lives by, they are effectively 'In the Religion'.   This is the same control dynamics of employees within a company.


Contrasting with this, are those other people who are deeply aware of Nature and Spirit, and then on top of this find Religious Wisdom as a profound Guide. Like this they are aware of both: personal experiences with Nature and Spirit, plus Spiritual Wisdom they learned as a meaningful Guide.   The Religion is therefore in them, not the other way around!   There is no hard border between them and other kinds of spiritual folk.   This is like a homestead economy.

Islam Unveiled

True-Islam and most Muslims today are very different!    Much is claimed to be "Islamic" but actually is the very opposite, it is pretence!

The first thing about True-Islam is Balance, including Gender Balance, followed by Compassion, Spirituality, Integrity, and the formation of free civil society where the weak are protected and the strong can excel.

Any belief or ideology other than this is just not Islam!

"Islam" is wrongly translated as "submission". This comes from power seeking deceptions of linear logic – 'submission' is what a person might be forced to do if a gun is put to their head, not the guided loving relationship between The Source and The Created!   ..."Fear of God" is another such false translation, an imported distortion.   ...'Believers' must believe in something separate to themselves, but the reality is we are all of The God!

The word "Islam" is of the same root as "Salaam" (Deep Peace) and is more accurately expressed as: 'Bringing oneself into harmony with the Loving Creative Force of the Universe'

Conversely, those who focus on the past rather than the future – focusing on traditions and sayings of their prophet (Sunna and Hadith) have got the focus the wrong way around. Our history and heritage is like the rudder we can use to find our path to the future, like the rudder does on a ship: adjusting our future path in relation to what has been before.
...A ship without a rudder is useless, but so too a 'rudder' without a vessel is pointless!

True Islam has both internal enemies (the culture stuff) and its external enemies.

I have personally witnessed exemplary Role-Models of how Islam should be practised: society that is balanced and driven by much higher thinking than money or any of the polemics of politics – this is active spirituality in practise, not just passive spirituality.   My experience was in Iran between 1984 and 1988, a time when their very best came forward to defend!

By fixing the Gender imbalance, the true core meaning of Islam is still there to come out, whereas religions whose foundations are built upon distorted facts, have no 'fix'!

...Observe where a religion's errors are – at source or in the interpretation!

In monotheistic Faith, there are only two original-language revealed source texts still in existence: the Hebrew Torah and the Arabic Qur'an.   The Torah was earlier, the Qur'an newer, yet they both reference many of the same ancient prophets.   There are many similarities between Judaism and Islam, but there is one big distinction – you cannot become a Jew, whereas you can a Muslim! (and likewise you cannot become a Native American!)   However, what most Muslims fail to recognise is that the Arabic culture was for the Arabs, and for the times of the Prophet. So only the principles are a transferable reference.   Every nation has its own heritage, I have mine as stated, but so too have all the other non-Arab nations who have adopted Islam. For example; the Iranians have their Zoroastrian, the Palestinians share similar with the Jewish.   ...But if we were all under one universal regime, it would be the tyranny of a powerful King, which Islam must never be. We are all different, though we are all connected.

With appreciation of the Gender Key, and the collective Insights now emerged in New Science: I recognise that the ever flowing Unity that encompasses all Polarities, is also the core message of true Islam!   This makes it unique!

     ...But how can a student of the Qur'an alone, see the holistic whole?

Crossed Links

Paradigm Shift

Climate-change; Pollution of Air, Sea and Earth; Exploitation of masses of people; Systemic Cruelty to many animals...   Current orthodox thinking has built a whole system of mutually supporting errors, and it is now failing us.   It is their theoretical models that are in error, not our technologies learned through experiment and experience. As such, correction cannot be made piecemeal; we have Scientists of vested interests who dominate our Universities, and likewise Religionists of vested interests (including 'Atheists' in this mind-set) who dominate over our media and politics, so just what are we feeding to our children? ...Our students today are society's leaders tomorrow, and they are being feed these 'mutually supporting errors and deceptions', because a few of our elder generation cling to their vested interests.   ...Our Young deserve better from us!

Some people think this 'paradigm shift' is a political revolution, but that is to misunderstand it. It is actually about the raising of our thinking to a higher plane, to see things holistically, cause and effect.   Many people research their own subjects, but very few put the fragments together!   A paradigm shift in consciousness level is therefore needed for sustainable holistic Peace. Regardless of where the source of wisdom is: observing nature, esoteric religion, or from higher cultures such as the First Nation Americans or Sami, if the models are correct, they will all point to the same thing!

It is not enough to be Anti-War, We have to be actively Pro-Peace!
The Real Enemy is Ignorance — We cannot fight that with guns!

Continual Interchanging Polarity is how this Universe is built: Dynamic Balance!   ...As that which is false will inevitably destroy itself and has no future, so for now just quarantine it and use our energy positively to build higher. From two Gender Opposites: Generate the new.

Science fiction usually presents the future as some kind of high-tech war, ...still the old war but with even more violent weapons. This image is very false, because unless we recognise the reality of nature and live by it, continuing to polarise to extremes will eventually succeed in destroying the planet. There can be no advanced future without balance in every way.

Some actions cannot be done in small steps. Where multiple facets are interrelated: change needs to happen simultaneously.

We have to consider the whole; many brilliant people of profound Insight have failed to succeed because they tried to make their ideas fit with the remainder of orthodoxy. But the fault is at the root, not on the frontiers. When human comprehension went from a flat-earth to spherical-earth, most of everyday life stayed the same, but our concepts changed dramatically.   So too now!

A step change, an epoch shift, an evolution, a Paradigm Shift!

So this is the context, we look again at Islam

Forget the cultural rubbish, we still have the source document – The Arabic Qur'an with its holistic spiritual philosophy.   Plus, there are still occasional practical example to be found of peoples living by Islam's proper meaning, in harmony with Nature and Gender.

To be attracted to this website, you have evolved far enough to realise the vital importance of seeing both the feminine and the masculine in everything.   You have also progressed far enough spiritually, to resist giving away your autonomy for making your own choices.

"There is no right or wrong, only the reason why!"

But it is not just about our personal spiritual journey, it is our influence we have upon the whole that also matters.   This is the Philosophy of Islam as it was intended: The Inner and The Outer.

We have to respect our diverse Heritage, then we can know the wisest way to develop for the future.   In our portfolio of spiritual references: we of the 'North' especially value our Independence, Respect for both Genders, Tolerance, and the Jury system of trial. But Islamic philosophy is special in a different way; from an original text that is a profound holistic model, to esoteric compatibility with new (still fringe) science!

Five Key Differences to the Orthodox

To stand against oppression and injustice is only part of it, but also how we build the future – to continue Reacting against, or to Balance Polarities!

So our 'Spiritual Path' has to be much more than just a personal one...   To spend a whole life siting on a mountain meditating is NOT the spiritual path, rather we need to engage with life and the problems of this world. Then our trips up the mountain to meditate have value and purpose!

There are many people now who are Seekers for the truth having realised 'religions' have a lot wrong with them. But it is about much more than the personal quest, it is also our community, and multiple community groups of varying loyalties – from our immediate family ties, to our kindred groups, to our Nation, to our sense of being part of the whole planet.   So finding the Spiritual Path also becomes connected with the future of all, and how we bring up our kids – But our academic education today has a lot wrong with it.   Not to just accept the version in the books, but for our kids to gain awe and respect for Spirit and Nature – with the ability to find their own details.   ...For in truth, our education system has built the politics; both Left and Right, Green or Popular, that are all leading this world in a merry dance, missing out the central purposeful meaning of Life – the Holistic Spiritual.

When a society is under Attack and when it is at Peace, it is well recognised that different kinds of leadership are required – same as Yin and Yang polarities. A 'Guide' that is of any use must include both, and so too for all Polarities of the ever-changing human experience. If you look at it holistically, this is what the Qur'an does, albeit for another culture in a previous age.   ...The Philosophy is still valid when taken in context.

All the people who have distanced themselves from the faults of 'religion' will have no desire to return by just changing a few details, it has to be considerably improved and different, and furthermore: only as a suggested Role Model, not an outdated rule book!

Basically, there are only two Laws...
     1. Cause no hurt.
     2. Do what you say you will do.

When I was reading books on the Native Americans and their high spiritual worldview, I felt that I had experienced something similar myself; with the Muslims I once worked with in Iran who lived close to nature and had very modest formal education... Their dignity, balance, friendlessness, steadfastness, and where every child is valued as a gift from the God regardless of what they are, and nobody is excluded, also their canny ability to immediately do the right thing whatever the personal cost.   This correspondence, along with the other connection to the esoteric new science, when put together, is worth pursing as a worthy Guide: Islam on a Higher Plane!   ...This is beyond the four levels within Islam and the Qur'an that I described at the top of the page.   Now we are talking on another plane, another dimension; on taking the Essence and leaving behind the Bulk.   Like what our spirit takes back at the end of our earthly lives, the Essence.   It is development in a new dimension rather than continue as it was.   In our new physics, a correlation also happens called the Quadrature principle, which in this context means expanding in a sideways direction to an additional order of complexity.

Think of climbing a mountain, there are many paths to the top, yet the maps and footholds for each path are incompatible.   But if we view it in another way; learning the skills of Mountaineering, then we can learn from ALL paths about how to reach the same destination at the top!


Mount Damavand, Iran

Mountaineering Skills – Like Islam on a Higher Plane

There are many spiritual Resources, but Islam is a special one. However like all the others it has become distorted from its original context and message.   Also, all religious traditions and prophets belong to people of particular Lands, so only their philosophy is a transferable reference!

Islam as it was intended, was about building a spiritual community with loyalties, a holistic approach. This is why it becomes interesting when compared with holistic new science. — The Essence of the Qur'an is about defining Limiting-Conditions between which the dialectics of Life happen, but not just one dialectic between one pair of opposing forces, rather multiple dialectics!   Communities consist of many individuals, so therefore Spiritual Paths for 'individual development' are inherently inadequate!   ...Islam is about Peace, but it does not advocate being a pacifist, the Qur'an defines multiple Limiting-Conditions; like when to Fight and when to make Peace.   Other dialectics like between the content of the Medina suras compared with that of the Meccan suras of the Qur'an; Night and Day; Even numbers and Odd numbers; plus in many other fields. The whole document cannot therefore be dissected or one verse taken out of the context of the whole, it has to be viewed holistically – and for a whole society.   It is therefore the nature of Thought in an ever-changing society as a whole that it describes, and thus corresponds to our perceptions of a 'Thought Based Universe of Divided Motion' in new science!
     ...Which in Summary — Thought drives Motion (change in something), which can be Psychological movement (learning, development etc.) or Physical motion (from the workings of the Atom, up).

When viewed in this gender-balanced way, I acknowledge the holistic philosophy of Islam corresponds extraordinarily well to our new science and the holistic spiritual, which I think is remarkable... and remarkable for both sides of the correspondence!!

There is a big caveat; despite this higher Islam being proposed as a higher holistic spiritual guide, and the fact that there could only be one Source to our Universe; the notion of 'Monotheism' itself has serious problems!   We have to make our own new path.

Western civilisation was largely influenced in its development by the Christian Church, combined with an academia based upon the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, which in Gender terms is Masculine on Masculine!   ...Its resultant problems today cannot be fixed by those same sources, rather it needs different thinking. — When the essence of Islam as herein described, is combined with the Spirit of Nature, we have Masculine on Feminine; hence independent creativity can be generated: Genders Generating!     ...The spiritual worldview of the Native Americans was so high, but they lacked writing, so could not withstand against occupation. In Norse mythology; Odin paid an extreme price to have the wisdom of the Runes – so great is the power of writing.   But 'Power' alone is not enough, it must also have gender balance.   Hence I present the 'Essence of Islam' with the 'Spirit of Nature'.   ...A Holy Book with an experienced Reality.   ...'OPEN ISLAM'


After Religion comes Philosophy of The Spirit else can the martyrs speak to us of where society is still going wrong?

Be Kind - Be True,
Be Balanced - Be Curious