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IRAN and Gender

Shahid Raheem with his sufreh
Gender Balance at Shahid Raheem's 'Sufreh' (meal spread) for his guests, 1984.

IRAN & Gender – the Best is being wasted

There is a massive internal stress in Iran between the Religious and the Socialist, they mostly fail to come together because of Gender.   The religious culture will not let them face the root issues, so many people look to the secular for answers to injustice instead of looking to the root causes.   But there are true spiritual examples already there, and for the world to see — if they can overcome their fear to face the gender issue.   Gender Balance is the Key!   ...Face it!

Spiritualist Philosophy from the Spirit
How else can the martyrs speak to us of where society is still going wrong?

If you want to crack a rock...

To crack a rock, strike it at its flaws
To crack a rock, strike at its existing flaws, and similarly, to crack a country by outside forces, strike at its existing internal flaws.

An enemy will always go for your weak spot, so why let them split you?   ...As with so much in the Middle East they make their own internal weakness which then causes multiple problems, because they can't even face to talk about gender balance.

— Seeking Deeper Reality —

Bridge over the river in Isfahan, Iran
Gateway to another dimension – Isfahan in Iran

Between the Opposites, Consciousness can Rise

In the case of Iran at its best – the Spiritual side of Islam (Shia of Ali) blended with the older Zoroastrian (Zartush) nature spirituality of the Aryans, and it only happens when there is Gender Balance. All else is less than this Zenith.

This in principle is not just about the best of Islamic thought, but the best of monotheistic Faith blended with the much older Indo-European nature spiritual traditions of our distant ancestors — though the best people are now being wasted.   The Shia Imams and Mystics had a much higher spiritual awareness of wider connections than any other branch of Islam.   The lower has now replaced the higher, but we can still occasionally glimpse the higher.


The Chinese 'Yin and Yang' symbol after the Tao, so well known in the West, but so unknown in the Muslim world. Everything not just people, have their Yin (feminine side) and Yang (masculine side). Both are always together and in relationship to each other, neither can be separated from the other. In the symbol, each contains the seed of the other in the dot.

Yin and Yang symbol

When we bring together different cultures in conversation, from between the best of diverse people, we can see a new comprehension that is higher.   Our consciousness has risen.   The Zoroastrian (Zartush) of Iran also know this concept. So has religion gone forward or gone backwards?

The Faravahar The Faravahar

The word 'IRAN' is from the old Persian language meaning 'Land of the Arya', or Aryan. The origin of these tribes seems to have been the Indus Valley after the last ice age.

If we take the tribe name 'Arya' and then add the respectful Hebrew 'meem' letter at each end, we get the name 'Maryam'!

Silk Carpet being woven Silk carpet being traditionally hand woven in Shahveh village, central Iran

Nature and Religion

'Religion' has a bad record with clashing with Nature, scientists have been burned to death for saying the earth is round, or all the planets go around the sun. Women victims of rape have been stoned to death so that the, so called honour of the husband is protected. Fathers have been given custody of their children instead of the mother, even when the father was a drug addict. People have been murdered just because they were born Gay.   Many, many atrocities have been committed by so called religious law, and the consequence today is that the majority of intelligent educated people in the world have become Atheist or Humanist. Nearly all of the abuses and atrocities of 'religion' were and still are caused by Gender imbalance within the leaders... If they could only see what damage they do.

However there is a good side to Religion that inspires, uplifts, gives good guidance, is kind to all yet speaks up against wrong, is brave, and is inclusive.   When the Best of diverse spiritual cultures are brought together, special things can happen!

Islam and Gender

Those people who falsely assume Islam and The God are 'male' – these are the talkers not the ones who do.   There are religion men who arrogantly stand up and preach about what they have no personal experience of. – Spiritualists know this. – Much harm has been done by men of religion who think sexually, instead of trying to be honest spiritually.
Allah in Arabic

Islam of the Qur'an is exactly gender balanced, so why do they hide this fact?
The feminine intelligence would never lead a country into continual conflict and poverty, while the few get richer!   Gender Balance is needed.

– Tyr –

The Rune letter Tyr or Tir is shaped like an arrow, and takes its name after the principle of the old gods of the Aryans / Germanic / Anglo-Saxon peoples.   Tyr (or Tir) was know for fighting for justice and uprightness.   In Farsi language, 'Tyr' means arrow, and by association any straight beam, it is also the name of a month of their year.   In English language it is the day of the week – 'Tuesday', or Tyr's day. In Norwegian language they say 'tirsdag'.   The oldest know name of this god is 'Teiwaz'.

There are many deep connections between peoples and traditions that go back a long way into antiquity, and it is only human arrogance that separate us.   First we have to understand the context and what people actually mean by the terms they use; like 'God' and 'gods'. For more on this, please see our page Heathen – Christian Unity

The Rune letter Tyr

Iran at War

Aluminium Track conversion for Toyota
I was working in Iran back in the 1980s as a young project design engineer. It was the same time that the war was going on between Iran and Saddam Hussain's Iraq. The people I was working with in Iran were really exemplary, they made such a profound impression on me with their dignity, bravery, kindness and balance, that it has affected me my whole life and I will always be loyal to my old friends. The photograph shows the aluminium alloy (6061 grade) track conversion we designed and made to fit the Toyota Landcruiser at that time being tested. The tracks were fitted in place of the standard wheels and free to float over difficult terrain.

Since that time and back in England, much has happened and I have delved deeply into Religion and Gender on a personal level.   To make a long story short, it is also remarkable to note that Iran connects the spheres of monotheistic religion with ancient Aryan traditions of nature spirituality. Much could be said about this in an academic sense, but what really matters is there are practical examples here of seemingly diverse spiritual traditions coming together.

The full story of this is in my book: Jameela's Journey of which an updated pdf version is available on our Books Page, free of charge.

'Susangerd to Settle' Film Script...

Cover picture with alternative film title
An alternative working title to our film script (After the Deceptions are Realised) is 'Susangerd to Settle', which refers to a town in the war zone of Iran, and a town in the Yorkshire Dale, England. Other proposed working titles have be suggested. It is very difficult to find the correct title for a story that brings so many unlikely subjects together.

Based on true events – a story of spiritual diversity coming together to find true essence, and hence gain voice.   To show Iranians at their best, with the sensitive side of the English.

So much of human history has been about one brutal extreme being replaced by what becomes another brutal extreme.   So when there are examples of people who reached higher than this, it helps us all for it to be shown.   The Best should not be wasted!

The Real Enemy is Ignorance — We cannot fight that with guns!

If you are interested in getting involved with this film project, or for more information please contact us.

Religion must be appropriate for the age it is being practiced in. Today that must include the same Laws for men and for women – and free speech.

This website speaks with deep knowledge on many subjects, but it is humans that separate, The Spirit draws together!