- Feminine Philosophy -

Planet-Earth Total Eclipse of the Sun

Holistic Feminine Intelligence

Feminine Philosophy and Masculine Philosophy are Not the same, they are different!   Like the Earth and Sun are different, but life needs both!
...This is going beyond the Reaction to oppression which Feminism does — To stand against oppression and injustice is only part of it, but also how we build the future — to continue Reacting against, or to Balance Polarities!

Seek Gender Balance and Fairness after equality
...don't waste the different perspectives!!

Spiritual people talk of feminine energy and masculine energy, but like physical matter, they are both created.   ...The Root, is 'Intelligent Thought', but this must come in two Genders.

While it may seem that focused Masculine Intelligence builds our physical world, and many orthodox people may assume this, the Reality is BOTH Genders of Thought necessarily together Create the Universe!   First a Universe of Abstract Motion is created, then physical motion with its consequent Time and Space.   The Root however, is 'Divine Thought' of both Genders.   This is 'The Spirit'

Sacred Feminine : Sacred Masculine.

Because masculine philosophy is already so well established in Culture, Religion and Science, our key to comprehending the workings of our existence, is by focusing on the Holistic Feminine Intelligence — how all things, all issues are connected. It is the phenomenon of Karma, the root of dowsing, the art of perception, the wisdom of Nature.   ...And in the context of creating Peaceful development of societies, it is vital — literally!

We have to move away to see things in perspective — before we can return to help with clearer sight. ...For example: to begin to recognise the difference that the feminine view has to the masculine; in science, in religion and in political striving — then we grow spiritually and are able to see what others are oblivious to.

What is it Like To Be Third Gender?

Religions try to make things fit to what they teach, but it should be the other way around...   We need to be aware of the phenomena of nature exactly how it is, then try to fit our spiritual understanding to the 'Reality'.

My experience of being Third Gender is NOT something grey in the middle, rather it is being BOTH genders at the same time, and depending upon the situation either gender can be flamboyant.   It is a Spiritual phenomenon, nothing to do with being Liberal — except Liberal societies give us protection where religious societies often don't.   ...We are inherently a bridge, but are we appreciated for our potential ?

As a third-gender person myself, I can say with certainty that the feminine in me, is different to the masculine in me — they are NOT the same. So it is wrong to say they are 'Equal'.   Much of the world is now chasing Gender Equality as a reaction to former oppression, but this is only setting up future problems in our society, especially in raising our children who are the next generation. Rather we should be focused on Gender Balance.   ...A subtle difference maybe, but of enormous implication.


There is Male body and Female body,
There is Feminine energy and Masculine energy,
There is Feminine intelligence and Masculine intelligence.
But SPIRIT contains Both!   ...So think of Spirit like the 'Design'.

a door in a drawing plan

When we design the position of a door in a house, on the Plan we show the path the door swings between its open and closed positions. This is like how Spirit contains both masculine and feminine in its design.

Consider also, a door's position is moveable depending upon needs, open or closed.   So too our gender characteristics can be variable depending upon circumstances! But our gender defaults are configured as they are.

Liberalism has Failed...

Liberté, égalité, fraternité are all Single Poles! – Their counterpart is missing!

     Liberty without Responsibility, is a serious problem!
     Equality without Diversity, is also a problem, as people are different!
     Fraternity without Inclusion, is yet another problem, as barriers are created!.

Everything whole manifested, has polarities... Sacred Feminine : Sacred Masculine.

In a society that teaches Gender Equality... Gender Difference is not Valued!
The Genders are Polarities of Existence, without Both there is Neither.

The Damage Caused by Christianity

Their belief in a 'Male God' has caused a lot a damage, much more than their belief in a Trinity!

As the saying goes; "Leaving things out is as big a distortion as putting things in".   So by believing God is male, it omits the Feminine half of 'The-God' making such believers unbalanced, and therefore susceptible to doing all the bad that has happened.   On the surface, Judaism has the same male God beliefs, but their esoteric wise ones knew better as they greatly value Gender Balance.   Not so with Christianity though.   With Islam, it was the male dominated Middle-Eastern culture that has brought it down, not the message itself which is remarkably gender-balanced.

This disease has infected our language which is subliminally very masculine. When we speak of Philosophy or Logic, it is the masculine variant that is assumed. Scant regard is paid to the Feminine. Even those who consider themselves Humanist having gone past religious notions, still have default attitudes set by Christianity with their Language and male God image – which hinders their perception of any real spiritual insight!

This has also caused 'Mathematics' to be assumed to be the 'Language of the Universe', but it is only the masculine part of.   The Feminine side of the Language of the Universe is impossible to be expressed by mathematics!   Feminine Intelligence is different – correspondences can seen that makes no sense to mathematics.

Heathen and Pagan Spiritual Practise do not suffer from these problems, as the closeness to Nature helps prevent it... However, we must be careful here not to confuse Spirit Forces with 'The Source'.

Esoteric Monotheistic Religion

It is possible for people to reach a higher spiritual plane from any starting point, and people do.   But with Judaism, Christianity and Islam – as the core beliefs of the ordinary religion have to be modified so much, people searching for the higher spiritual plane need the protective secrecy of an esoteric cloak.

Contrasting with this, the indigenous religions of Pagan and Heathen value their Mystics and Shamans as leaders of society!

A Spiritual Insight is like a Satellite image, while Scientific Research is like a Surveyor on the ground – Esoteric Religion attempts to put the two together as conversant with both. A fatal flaw however, is in trying to make Insights fit with pre-existing perceptions; either religion creed or science theory. This has lead many gifted people to have wrong conclusions!

We must acknowledge that BOTH established religions and established science have their fundamental misconceptions... The primary Reason: failing to recognise that feminine intelligence is different to masculine intelligence: but Not about men verses women, as all people necessarily have both masculine and feminine within them – though defaulting differently.

The practical effect of this gender difference, is like where the focused masculine logic can only see meaningless random disorder, the holistic feminine intelligence may see multiple connections and their expected consequences!   The masculine intelligence can see fractal patterns in one subject, the feminine intelligence can see connecting patterns between totally different subjects.   ...But to repeat; all people necessarily have both masculine and feminine within them – though defaulting differently.

The current human civilization has generally depreciated the feminine throughout its history. Where this 'depreciation' was worse, the society suffered more: poverty, war, lack of freedom, lack of creativity, lack of spirituality.

So Gender Balanced Philosophy is about how 'civilized' society is in general!   ...Monotheistic religions have a lot to answer for!

Be Kind - Be True,
Be Balanced - Be Curious