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Holistic Feminine Intelligence

Feminine Philosophy and Masculine Philosophy are Not the same, they are different!
...This is going far beyond the reaction to oppression called Feminism!

Spiritual people talk of feminine energy and masculine energy, but like physical matter, they are both created.   ...The Root, is 'Intelligent Thought', but this must come in two Genders.

While it may seem that focused Masculine Intelligence builds our physical world, and many orthodox people may assume this, the Reality is BOTH Genders of Thought necessarily together Create the Universe!   First a Universe of Abstract Motion is created, then physical motion with its consequent Time and Space.   The Root however, is 'Divine Thought' of both Genders.   This is 'The Spirit'

Sacred Feminine : Sacred Masculine.

Because masculine philosophy is already so well established in Culture, Religion and Science, our key to comprehending the workings of our existence, is by focusing on the Holistic Feminine Intelligence — how all things, all issues are connected. It is the phenomenon of Karma, the root of dowsing, the art of perception, the wisdom of Nature.   ...And in the context of creating Peaceful development of societies, it is vital — literally!

We have to move away to see things in perspective — before we can return to help with clearer sight. ...For example: to begin to recognise the difference that the feminine view has to the masculine; in science, in religion and in political striving — then we grow spiritually and are able to see what others are oblivious to.

Esoteric Religion

A Spiritual Insight is like a Satellite image, while Scientific Research is like a Surveyor on the ground - Esoteric Religion attempts to put the two together as we are conversant with both. A fatal flaw however, is in trying to make stuff fit with pre-existing perceptions; either religion creed or science theory. This has lead many gifted people to wrong conclusions!

We must acknowledge that BOTH established religions and established science have their fundamental misconceptions... The Reason: failing to recognise that feminine intelligence is different to masculine intelligence: Not about men verses women, as all people necessarily have both masculine and feminine within them - though defaulting differently.

We can perceive the world from a framework of Space, at one moment in Time — or vice versa: a framework of Time, at one location in Space!

...If MOTION is the first manifestation of 'Thought', then it can be collated these two ways!   However, be careful to realize that Physical Motion is only one of two children of Abstract Motion - the other is 'Mental Change', such as Learning, or Leading, or Loving.   It can be shown, that this is the 'Gender' principle. In my book Beyond Physics, I discuss Gender in depth, referring to it as Conjugate-Polarities. download free PDF.

The practical effect of this gender difference, is where the focused masculine logic can only see meaningless random disorder, the holistic feminine intelligence may see multiple connections and their expected consequences!   The masculine intelligence can see fractal patterns in one subject, the feminine intelligence can see connecting patterns between totally different subjects.   ...But to repeat; all people necessarily have both masculine and feminine within them - though defaulting differently.

The build-up of the current human civilization has generally depreciated the feminine throughout its history. Where this 'depreciation' was worse, the society suffered more: poverty, war, lack of freedom, lack of creativity, lack of spirituality.

So Gender Balanced Philosophy is not just about the accuracy of esoteric visionaries, it is also about how 'civilized' society is in general!

Be Kind - Be True,
Be Balanced - Be Curious