Education Issues - Our Kids deserve better

Education of the next generation always was a critical issue...
...Conditioning young minds to fit the current social agenda!!

The establishment wants education to produce people as economic units who obey their rules and are blindly conditioned to accept their version of beliefs without question. This is irrespective of where in the world, or what "beliefs" they may be. It is the self-preservation instinct of a regime.

Conversely, 'Nature' requires the passing-on of wisdom, skills and knowledge from the older generations to the younger generation in a way that the young are: Creative, Inventive, Confident, Balanced and Curious - developing their various individual latent talents.

The establishment sets targets for education; this is being 'Object Oriented', where education is defined as passing exams. Materialistic society measures everything in material ways; qualifications and salary being the measure of a person.

Conversely, 'Nature' wants a Mind to be opened by education, which is 'Subjective Oriented' or 'Person Centred' - where balanced wisdom and loving kindness are the desired qualities to be developed. Practical creative work is paramount, where Hands and Mind work together, yet this practical 'hands-on' creative and experimental work is so missing from today's schools.

classroom workshop Creative Lessons - Author's father teaching a practical class at a British grammar school in about 1970

The Problem with Western Higher Education

Academics spend most of their time with their consciousness on the Abstract Mental Plane with Philosophy of one kind or another, therefore they are unable to pass beyond a barrier to see the spiritual connectivity of all.   Academic Rigour rejects feelings and passion. In order to reach the Spiritual Plane, we need to be frequently moving up and down the ladder: Physical to Abstract-Mental with everything in between.

As the Physical Plane is the end result of all the other Planes – the Spiritual Plane is the Reason Behind all the others!   So we need to have ALL the lower Planes loaded in our immediate awareness before we can reach the Spiritual.

...So involve our hands in both mundane and skilled practical work, open our heart to other people close to us, debate intellectually with those who can, then spend time on our own within Nature.   Spiritual has passion to it, Academic Philosophy does not!   Spiritual is higher.

The Deceptions Now

There are several gross provable deceptions in the world today which all governments, to a greater or lesser extent, are complicit in their acceptance of an establishment version of events. The most prominent of all is the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York in 2001, also the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005. The details of these deceptions has been covered elsewhere, see Dr Judy Wood (9/11 issues) and 'Mind the Gap' (7/7 video).

These and other gross provable deceptions show the extent that society will go along with a script written by only a few warped influential people, a script that contradicts the facts. ...So too in Education, ideas that are only half true are taken as whole truth! Most people are oblivious to such deceptions believing the problems to be unavoidable human nature, but a few of the leaders who have esoteric knowledge do know better!

The Western Intellectual has developed a Logic that is only half of Logic! Polarities are viewed as binary. For example: Feminism is understood as the counter to Patriarchy, but in reality these are only two quarters of the whole! ...Observe the difference between a reaction (Feminism) and an action (Patriarchy). Education based upon such half truths is grossly deceiving our young people.

The Yin of Women   The Yang of Men  
The Yang of Women   The Yin of Men  

The 'East' intuitively recognises that the 'West' has got it wrong over Gender sameness, but the East although recognising gender difference, has also lost its balance by introducing gender separation, consequently now unable to present wisdom any better than the Western half truths. ...Such is the disastrous Muslim uprisings we see now. Intuitive thoughts need proper education in order to come out as good leadership; otherwise the yearnings of the Soul are spoiled or even reversed. We have to go beyond ideas of binary gender, not just recognising the spectrum between, but also the reality of four quarters not a binary.


The rapid rise of technology has moved focus from personal relationships to external devices; self-identity has shifted from within to a virtual presence!

We all have, and need, both sides; the subjective and the objective, but it is the order we seek them that is crucial. Nature's way is like that of a baby who puts everything in their mouth to get the subjective feel for the world as they experience it, only later do we learn to see objectively. For example: A baby's first learning about a spoon or a chair is a very subjective feel, but once fully appreciated, a child can then objectively recognise a 'spoon' or 'chair' of any type and in any environment. But when subjective and objective are reversed, as children with technology have now, they no longer subjectively feel the world we live in! Technology and Video becomes a poison not a learning aid. Human compassion and balanced wisdom cannot be learnt objectively, it can only come through subjective personal interaction.

The conditions now for our Kids becoming fluent with technology are very different to the social conditions that gave rise to the creation of the technology! Society has fallen into a trap of its own making. Unbalanced materialistic exam culture has caused this trap. Do not read me wrong, exams are vital, how would road safety be without driving tests? rather it is the unbalance and order reversal of objective put before subjective that is so ruinous.

Psychologically - how do we Indoctrinate?

...Do You Recognise Anything?


There are two types of polarity; simple Linear opposites that try to cancel each other out like positive and negative, and another type of Polarity which is far more interesting: it is a 'Conjugate-Polarity' that when mated together generate something new, like Male and Female together can. Notice, between Male and Female there is no zero as there is in simple linear polarity! In the book: 'Beyond Physics - A Paradigm Shift', this is discussed at length, both in relation to Physics and in some Social examples.

Western intellectualism recognises Linear and Rotary as being two conjugates, (Cartesian and Polar coordinates) but again, these are only two quarters of the whole. The other two quarters: Orbital-empathy and Scalar Expansion/Contraction are missing from their Logic. There are Four Quarters. Two of the quarters can be defined by mathematical logic, but the other two fundamentally can not be - a fact that is so alien to contemporary Western Intellectualism.


This all adds up to a very significant shortfall in what our Young People are given now as their 'education'. The conditioning brainwashed into our next generation is so stunting, yet it is not all bad, there are some good features of our modern education system. ...But as Solzhenitsyn said:
"You only have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power - he's free again."

The deceptions and vested interests of those in power who desire to stay in power, plus modern societies deep rooted materialistic values all tend to block any real improvement to Education, even though the desire may be there in many people for improvement. Holistic Action is needed.

Systemic Deceptions cannot be made good,
The only way forward is to re-build afresh!

Don't focus on what is now distorted,
...Focus on building the True!

How can this start? ...It is a chicken and egg scenario. We cannot educate the Kids properly because the system blocks it, but it cannot start without a new generation of holistic clear thinkers!   A society can be controlled by debt and the media.    ...But we can sow seeds!!

Nothing is more powerful than an idea!

...because we are in a 'Thought Based Universe of Divided Motion'