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The story of one engineer whose gender could not fit the orthodox binary, resulting in a journey of discovery to an unexpected ending.



...An Independent Documentary Story...

The Universities teach a Yang view of Physics, but when Nature's Yin speaks up, their whole paradigm must change - so too their model for sustainable Peace!

53 minutes      16:9 aspect ratio      Stereo

    "This was the start of a long journey,
two questions had to find their answers:
about Religion and about Physics"

*   *   *   *
    "But the icing on the cake, so to speak, was yet to come - what non-science stuff also fit with these ideas!"

...A Human Story of the Unexpected!

Dedicated to all the spiritual people who lived with Nature yet have been made to suffer.
The real enemy is ignorance    ...especially ignorance of the holistic feminine.

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Three Loners and a Spirit - location shot

It's not just about opposing tyranny, but how we build the future - Three spiritual seekers on very different paths, but somehow similar...
a Heathen Seidr woman, a Muslim-Convert man, a geeky unconventional Scientist...   Each isolated from their own kind by quests to find whole truth, but mixing with those of different paths is far from easy!   With tenacity through events and circumstances, they eventually find it's between their differences that they can find balance, and best help the Spiritual Return.

'THREE LONERS AND A SPIRIT' is a profound story based on the true life experiences of the author, but with different episodes brought together into the same time frame and as different characters...   ...Only the genuine of diversity, will fit together!!   ...Like the legs of a tripod.

*   *   *   *

'TO THINK CREATIVELY' is a drama story using the same wooden teardrop caravan as the previous 'TO THINK DIFFERENTLY', and explores the interrelated concepts of Gender, Creativity and Peace, but without going into the heavy science.

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Commentary on Making "To Think Differently"

Discovering the central Concept and presenting it are two different things!   It was eventually realised that the 'vehicle' of a personal story is the best way to show how the Concepts build up, and also what diverse worldviews unexpectedly fit together.

The film has two intertwining stories; two 'Log Lines' (see top of page)
     1. A human struggle between Gender and Religion.
     2. Gender challenging the incongruence of orthodox Physics.
The dialectic between these two stories is the magic of the film - itself a metaphor for its message: between the opposites wisdom can be found that is not a compromise - it is another way of seeing both!

The theme music 'Distant Lands' by Louise Byrne was chosen while the film script was still being developed. The slow beat of 40 beats per minute is very slow, this coupled with the opening image of a slow-moving quirky caravan in a scenic setting holds the attention, yet fulfils the need to slow our thoughts and go deeper. This contrasts markedly with films that open with an action sequence!

There are four characters: Protagonist, Reflection, Silent-Companion and Antagonist.   The Antagonist; the one-eyed monster whom we never see apart from an avatar image with its distinctive ominous signature notes – represents the view of the world through only one gender, and which has been so insidiously powerful.   It has nothing to to with physical blindness or loss of an eye.

The film is a 4-Act structure: being the conventional 3 Acts plus a fourth Act in the meditation ending with its lead-in.   Act 1 is the background; the circumstances that existed from childhood with its three Inciting Incidents. But there is a fourth Inciting Incident in the middle of Act 2 (the journey of discovery itself) with the shock that followed after Tom's email from America.

For the human story of trapped in a corner between Gender and Religion, Act 2 gives more esoteric technical detail than seems necessary, but for the story to enter into Act 3 (what is brought back from the journey), these details are needed to give credibility to the 'Big Design', which itself gives another way of looking at human problems! The details presented just summarize the critical stages of the journey.

You will notice that in the third Act, a three-way connection is made between the intellectual insights into new physics based on gender, with two practical examples in the lives and worldview of two different spiritual peoples on different continents. Both practical examples are people deeply connected with Nature and both being "Harmonious with the Big Design".   Both groups of peoples had tremendous dignity, yet both have been made to suffer. — Maybe a large part of why both those people have been abused, is that they could not articulate their gender-balanced worldview in a way compatible with western orthodox science and religion, therefore it was dismissed!   ...The film seeks to help address this issue by outlining how the western orthodoxy got it so wrong about Gender.

The final scene of Act 3 ("Scene 55"), does not zoom in to a close-up for the ending, on the contrary it zooms out to a wide shot of the filmmaking, thus throwing the emphasis over to You!   ...The incitement to make your own independent video!

Through the story, Emotion has been alternated with deep Thinking, to the point where the conditions necessary to enter the sublime spiritual meditation of Act 4 : to comprehend what words cannot express. ...Like the Jester enabling others to see things differently!

Making the Film
A home-made amateur production, but expressing what a commercial film never could.

PDF Written Documents

Beyond Physics : A Paradigm Shift - PDF eBook   (second edition 2018)

Jameela's Journey - revised 2017 - PDF eBook

'The New Science' by Wilbert B Smith (1962)   (from Rex Research)

Reciprocal System of Physical Theory after Dewey B Larson   Outside link to RS2 Papers and Forum