Covid-19 Massive Deception

This Coronavirus is a massive public deception, like the false-flag 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001, only this weapon is about Panic.

There is a virus epidemic, and it is killing people, but the numbers are very contentious because many of the deaths were already very seriously ill people.   We have to think about our survival as nations not just individuals, for in truth all individuals die.   ...Our politicians should know this!

Beware the disastrous agenda about this coronavirus Lock-down;   Yes there is a hidden enemy, and yes we need to protect the vulnerable people amongst us, but this 'hidden enemy' is NOT the virus!   We also need to protect the livelihood and infrastructure that is being destroyed for those who survive this attack, especially for our young people.   The whole thing is dodgy.   ...The current strategies seem more about getting public consent for increased surveillance with 5G, dodgy vaccines, and reduced freedom in a Liberal post-religious society which seems to be deluding itself 'we might die'.

A Lock-down that stops people from walking on their own in the countryside or at the seaside, cannot possibly have anything to do with stopping the spread of a virus!   On the contrary, it is both damaging to mental health and attempting to deny spiritual nourishment from the people – neither of which can possibly be considered a medical preparation for disease outbreak, so therefore it proves that a different agenda is operating!

In September 2019 a report was published by the GPMB (global preparedness monitoring board) co-convened by the World Health Organisation and World Bank, with the ex-Prime Minister of Norway as its chair-person.   This first annual GPMB report can be downloaded free from the internet as a PDF.

GPMB report front cover

It states on the front cover "A World At Risk" with a picture of a Corona type virus! (The tentacles sticking out are the 'corona')   Note the date: September 2019. ...Then in December 2019 this Covid-19 virus is identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan!

But this story gets more curious; because in 2015, a Chinese Virus Lab in Wuhan received $3.7m grant from the American 'National Institute of Health' for research into Corona type virus regarding epidemic potential. There is a claim that this was outsourced research because the US government would not allow such 'research' to be done at home. However, it is only the 'motive' of this American funded corona virus research done in Wuhan that needs to be verified. President Trump himself has respond to a question about the grant, confirming that the money was given during the Obama presidency. So this makes the cover story of the start of the epidemic being an 'open air market selling wild bats for human consumption', look a bit tenuous now!   However, without further evidence we cannot separate all the originators of this deception from those other players who have been caught up in it, just following the script they have been given... "Innocent until proven guilty".

Hegelian Dialectic   …and manipulations thereof:

The true dialectic described by the German philosopher Georg Hegel (1770 – 1831) was a natural and spiritual synthesis of opposite experiences coming together to reach a higher plane of comprehension; but Karl Marx later described how political outcomes can also be engineered or manipulated using a similar dialectic principle - which unfortunately is a principle that now also carries Hegel's name.

The Dialectic manipulation is a three stage process for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to a predetermined solution.

First an ideology (or outrageous action) puts something forward (a Thesis), next there is strong reaction to it where an opposite position is taken by the people, conflict happens between the two sides, but they eventually arrive at a compromise when the people get tired of the conflict; which was actually the secret intention in the first place!   So too the method of getting public consent for reduced freedom and greater surveillance!   ...They put us in a hard lock-down for a while, then partially reduce the restrictions, to which the majority can now accept as normal.
Schematic representation of Hegelian dialectic
The process then repeats with further 'compromises' being forced upon the people.

The significance of all this is that a population can be manipulated to gradually accept things that previously they would never have accepted.

Who Wins?

When we ask the question 'who wins by all this?'   We can conclude there are more than one agenda going on...   The 'Western' powers are focused on getting greater 5G surveillance, dependence on dodgy vaccines, reduced freedom; but the Chinese powers are focused on becoming the world number one economic superpower!   ...Notice the damage caused to the Chinese economy by this Lock-down is considerably less than that, self imposed by the Western countries! So has the West fallen into a big trap here?

It shows the extent to which evil has infiltrated over our world, including at the highest level. But I believe there are only a relatively few originators of this evil with many other people, including political leaders and news media, simply following without thinking.

Science and Spiritual

"Make no mistake this is a spiritual war. Thee spiritual war"

This is a quote from the recent comments on YouTube to the song 'Silent Running' by Mike and the Mechanics in 1985, which many people are now recognising as highly relevant to today's situation!

The Politicians say they follow the science, but the whole of 'Western Science' is void because it does not include the Feminine side of Logical Thought, and is therefore seriously unbalanced and dangerous. The scientists themselves do not even recognise the 'Feminine Intelligence!'.   ...It is also why western science cannot see the Spiritual.   This website and its downloads explains more.


Now is the time for spreading awareness of the reality of the situation. This is more than an epidemic, it is a psychological operation, mind-games.   There are 3 possibilities as to what comes next...
  1. The attempted Tyranny will substantially fail due to all the conflicts of interests, though the western economy and infrastructure are still taking a big hit.
  2. The attempted Tyranny will partly succeed affecting the lives of the Young, but backing down over older people's resistance.
  3. The attack will change the world-order and tyranny will be established, leaving us no choice but to fight.   Our role-model in this fight could be the Suffragette movement.
"...Oppression is worse than being killed..."

'We have to think about our survival as nations not just individuals,
for in truth all individuals die.'