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Book front cover Sensitive, Powerful, Original
(Illustrated Screenplay)
For every generation there comes events that can cause us to question what we are told, but things are often deeper than the surface shows!   So this is a profound story inspired by true events, of a young disaffected science teacher who goes to the 'special world' of the Yorkshire Dales and meets with some unusual older characters…
  …a story both Sensitive and Cognitive.

Hero's Journey
The Rise of Consciousness

Written as a film, more detail as a book

About the Author
A retired design engineer and gender misfit. At school desired to become a Priest, but that didn't happen, became a Muslim instead. Alas religion made the gender incongruence worse not better. Enter Spiritualism, and witnessing physical phenomena incongruent with orthodox physics. So years of searching began to find what is actually true of science, and actually true of spirit.   It came together — like Odin simultaneously embracing opposite extremes, to reach higher.


Technology is a double edge sword, and always has been ever since our distant ancestors first ceased being hunter-gatherers.   Every step forward has also provided opportunities for exploitation, misuse and subjugation of our fellow peoples.   Emphasising 'THE SPIRIT' in this context, to restore balance in humanity's evolution and technological advancement, has always been the special work of those who can both sides... be they Priest or Shaman, Mystic or Philosopher, Engineer or Poet.

But if we focus on all the negative of deceptions, we ourselves will be sucked down. Rather we must deliberately keep positive and bring our diversity together. This is an inspirational story!

One insidious 'deception' is Post-modernism...   When orthodox religions and orthodox science could not get concepts to fit together, the so called 'intellectuals' invented post-modernism, stating there is no unifying grand narrative!   ...This is clearly wrong, as everything on this planet is connected.

So told as a creative narrative, we commend to you —

After the Deceptions are Realised
A Spiritual Odyssey


Two rune staves together depict what this is about: Ansuz and Daguz – which have the meaning Breath or inspired speech, and Daybreak transition or inversion.

As anyone who thinks independently can see, there is much in the world now that is not wholly true, lies and deceptions at the highest level.   But it is not just about fighting the injustice, rather the Spiritual Path is also about helping to inspire a balanced future. Traditionally this was done through the metaphor-story or fable...

'AFTER THE DECEPTIONS ARE REALISED' is the classic hero's journey; two threads, two protagonists both disaffected with their lives – A young science teacher woman, and an older religious man, both struggling with the hypocrisy. They each go into the 'special world' of wild Lancashire and Yorkshire moorland meeting with unusual characters of multiple persona, including a nature spirituality woman, a holistic science geek of ambiguous gender, and a Jötunn (metaphysical giant pronounced 'Yo-tun'). It all eventually comes together, but they are now profoundly changed by the interactions, and a proposed group action emerges.

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Published by: 'North Spirit Halsall'
Publication Date: 16 September 2022
A5 size book, 224 pages with 70 colour photographs
Book Weight: 470 grams
Written and printed in Great Britain
ISBN: 978-0-9566311-5-2

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Together We Stand, divided we fall
Diversity together, we can glimpse the whole!

Only by putting seeming opposites together,
can we reach to a higher Plane!

Beyond Physics : A Paradigm Shift

by J M Boardman and Friends

book front cover
Second Edition 2018

This is like a General Theory of Everything, but it is not really a "theory", it is more of a discovery, a spirit guided discovery!

...Imagine, if we could perceive in our Mind, two opposites created out of nothing at all - like going outwards while going inwards, so that these two opposites could interact together to create something. ...But simply going outwards and going inwards would just cancel each other out, we need to perceive two gendered types of opposites that could 'mate' together to generate 'Something', and then higher orders of this 'Something'.
    Gender is the Key!

The Unity that contains all Conjugate-Polarities...

Genre: 'Philosophy'
PDF eBook: 132 Pages, with colour illustrations
Publisher: Jameela Designs.co.uk (2018)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9566311-3-8
Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm (A4)

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"Our Young deserve better than the old establishment clinging to their vested interests and feeding our students with principles and deceptions that perpetuate conflict. Unless voices from the fringe speak up, polarities in this world will get wider, until one day the inevitable will happen."

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