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Beyond Binary Gender

Old Favicon AL-RUH meaning THE-SPIRIT in Arabic was the former name for this NORTH SPIRIT website.
The Arabic word "Ruh" (Spirit) is also synonymous with the Hebrew "Ruàch", meaning "Wind" in the metaphysical context.

We changed the name because these profound spiritual perspectives compatible with Islam and the Qur'an, cannot be seen from the orthodox religion position, especially orthodoxy that degrades the feminine!   Rather we have to first move our focus away…   before we can return with clearer sight.

In my case out of exasperation, I moved my focus onto Gender issues, Spiritualism and alternative perceptions in new-Science… This was after several extraordinary life experiences!!   With spiritual help and a lot of dedicated work and study, the holistic 'Big Design' was eventually perceived; which encompasses the social, the moral and the scientific — but then the wheel turned full circle to realise that the concepts found also fit beautifully with the essence of Islam — though never could this be explained in a religion class!   …These are New Insights, Not references to ancients who died centuries ago!

This is worth sharing! …but a website named AL-RUH.ORG was very misunderstood, even though the name is awesome.   It is not just spiritual, but a whole paradigm shift!   However, the original domain name will be used again with future film projects, Inshallah.

"We have to first move our focus away, before we can return with clearer sight"

'No gods but The-God'  and  Norse 'gods'

How can the Islamic declaration of Faith possibly fit with Norse 'gods' or Norse mythology?

What do we mean by the word 'God' or 'god'?   ...Do not confuse 'Spirit Forces' with The Source!   There is only ONE Source; The Great Unknown, The Great Spirit, The God, Creator of the Universe – but everything we can perceive of this Source reaches us through both Gendered Pairs, as well as multiple characteristics like; ordered, random, constructive, destructive.   In comparison, when the Christians assume a personal male god in the form of either a man they call 'Jesus', or their 'Father in Heaven', but at the same time thinking this personal friend is the Creator of All. This is being disingenuous.   Whereas the Norse Spirit Forces who are of both genders have a more honest relationship to Life experience and Nature... It is like personifying the higher collective unconsciousness of diverse society, with all its interconnecting complex forces.

Some of the 'Spirit Forces' are at a higher level concerning the evolution of Life and Humanity itself - Currents within Formation; all of which together have the characteristics of being both inseparable and distinct.   Monotheism made catastrophic mistakes; not in perceiving the Oneness of The Source, but in denying the Feminine side of the Source, and the necessary diversity of Creation.   So only by looking from a higher plane, can we reconcile seeming opposites!

In the mystical side of Islam there are 99 names, or aspects of Allah...   This is because human language, which is always language of the Specific, cannot adequately define the General.   So again; Like Currents within the Formation, see the necessary diversity in the Unity!

The Christians use the words 'Pagan' and 'Heathen' as derogatory words for our old religion, while actually they introduced a great deal of wrong thinking and idolatry for the little good that was actually achieved.   We cannot take a spiritual message that came to one People of a particular land, and apply it to other People who have completely different temperaments, situation and environment. Only the philosophy is transferable. It is the 'Church' that has done wrong, not our old religion.   So too with Muslims; it is their gender segregated culture that has brought them down, yet still they try to export this culture to us.   But we non-Arabs have our own spiritual heritage which reflects our own experience of Nature, we can build on this!

In defence of the early Christians though, I do think they were genuine in their appreciation of spiritual Oneness, Compassion and Higher Accountability, plus the desire to build upon the people's existing spiritual awareness (as shown by the extent of merged cultures), but it went wrong primarily because of gender imbalance and seeking to control.

We can start again though; and take the more authentic 'Essence of Islam' mated with the 'Spirit of Nature' — The masculine with the feminine!

The consequence of getting this wrong is Ragnarok, the ultimate destruction.   ...With the advances in science and its potential misuse, we can see the possibility of this looming.   So we have got to see the big picture, and where are loyalties really are, and to which Spirit Force — The Higher or the particular.   ...The best from all diversity could combine to stop the worst from all diversity, as all religion paths have both their truths and their distortions!