AL-RUH: Mystical Insights

Beyond Binary Gender

Old Favicon AL-RUH meaning THE-SPIRIT in Arabic was the original name for this NORTH SPIRIT website.

We changed the name because these profound spiritual perspectives compatible with Islam and the Qur'an, cannot be seen from the orthodox religion position, especially orthodoxy that degrades the feminine!   Rather we have to first move our focus away…   before we can return with clearer sight.

In our case out of exasperation, we moved our focus onto Gender issues, Spiritualism and alternative perceptions in new-Science… This was after several extraordinary life experiences!!   With spiritual help and a lot of dedicated work and study, the holistic 'Big Design' was eventually perceived; which encompasses the social, the moral and the scientific — but then the wheel turned full circle to realise that the concepts found also fit beautifully with the essence of Islam — though never could this be explained in a religion class!   …These are New Insights, Not references to ancients who died centuries ago!

This is worth sharing! …but a website named AL-RUH.ORG was very misunderstood, even though the name is awesome.   It is not just spiritual, but a whole paradigm shift!   However, the original domain name will be used again with future film projects, Inshallah.

"We have to first move our focus away, before we can return with clearer sight"