Together We Stand, divided we fall

Black-Combe, Lake District
The Mountains are my Sanctuary — Black Combe, Lake District, England

Much unorthodox detail information is presented on this website and the connected written documents, so a concise summary of the action advocated is helpful...

1. The whole world is now facing great change on two accounts – the technology bubble of vested interests is ready to burst, and geological changes are starting to happen that will affect the climate so severely that the planet will not be able to support the current population numbers or extent of wildlife.

2. Religions have so messed up and repulsed people, that a spiritual vacuum has formed in our society when we are going to need it most.

3. Do you trust genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, nano technologies, nuclear technology, pharmaceuticals and media technology – all without spiritual moderation?   Yet if Science and Spiritual are both correct, surely they must fit together as inner and outer of the same thing!

4. There are some highly intelligent technical people who are independent free thinkers, and there are some highly sensitive and perceptive spiritual people who are independent of religion.

5. If these two types of independent individuals could come together, a Voice for Reality would result.

6. So a kind of 'go-between' is needed, a third neutral position between this polarity. In the case in hand, it can only be the 'Esoteric' that that can reach to both side of this polarity of independent seekers – Science and Spiritual.

7. The Christian free thinkers have the correct attitude, but their theology does not fit the Reality.   Islamic theology does match Reality better, but their cultural attitude is all wrong.   ...Gender Balance and openness are crucial, so Zoroastrian philosophy is the bridge.

8. This bridge philosophy is the host 'neutral third' between Science and Spiritual.

9. This plan is do-able, and will make a spiritual difference.   The principle of diversity coming together is entertainingly demonstrated in our screenplay / book: 'After the Deceptions are Realised' and this whole website backs up in detail this 'Call for Action'.   ...We can start by coming together ourselves to turn a working-draft screenplay into a film for television!

THE SPIRIT itself drives the spiritual in people innately, provided we don't block it by false ideologies or false beliefs.   True Science and true Spiritual do fit together as inner/outer polarities of the same thing.   This is what we have to show.

The old religions cannot be fixed, but a diversity of good people can work together!

Gender is why Science went wrong – Gender is why Religions can't resist.