About North Spirit

It takes clever people to show the complexity of something, but it takes a different kind of inspired wisdom to show the magnificent simplicity of how it all fits together!   The Aim therefore is to bring such people together with the purpose of helping create a more sustainably peaceful world, by showing the damage caused by gender-imbalance in Religion, Science and Politics.

J.M.Boardman Insights compiled by J.M.Boardman, a person of 'non-binary' or 'third' gender... (for people of ambiguous gender, pronouns and personal names are difficult, so initials are often easier) Being able to see both the masculine and the feminine side of issues was only a doorway, but curiosity and the need to find answers led to a most unusual path in life.   The first question was how does inventiveness and creative-design in engineering actually happen? ...not realising at first that Gender was a factor!  The next question was about the distinction between religion and spirituality? ...again unexpectedly showing Gender to be a factor, like with Kundalini or reversals between spirit planes.   The author also spent 5 years living and working in Iran after the revolution there.   But the climax came upon witnessing physical phenomena in Spiritualist séances, which showed that the physics learnt as an engineer (like solids are solid with mass) is not wholly correct! This lead to 12 years of private study and research into alternative ideas in Physics.   The conclusion was not just a new physics theory, but a complete holistic model of Reality based on 'Thought', not matter.   This connected back to all the Creativity, Spirituality and Gender questions that started the quest.   Being close to Nature has been a central guide for the inspirations and insights.

North Spirit is independent, and brings together many diverse inputs.   ...Nature, Gender, Seidr Spiritualism, Northern Mythology and Cultures, Occult, Native-American, Shia-Islam, Theosophy, Design-Method, Unconventional Science and Holistic Visionaries.

We have to go away to see things in perspective, before we can return with clearer sight!
Spiritual path is curved, and we may eventually come back to whence we started, but don't assume that we are the same as when we first began!

North Spirit is located in the village of Halsall, north of Liverpool, England.

Telephone: +44 (0)1704 840053    email: solar.stirling@btopenworld.com

Telegram: @northspirit

Ainsdale Beach
The local Ainsdale beach at high tide, with Marram grass on the sand hills